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Wastewater Treatment Plant

 The City’s wastewater system is owned by the City of Ashland and Alliance Water Resources Inc is contracted by the City to operate the wastewater collection system and wastewater treatment facility.  The Collection and Treatment system serves approximately 3,707 customers and capable of servicing 6,000 customers.  The wastewater treatment facility is designed to allow for modular expansion, providing the ability to grow with the community for the future years.

SCADA Control SystemDewatering Belt Press

The collection system consists of 14 lift stations.  The wastewater treatment facility was recently upgraded from an aeration lagoon designed for 490,000 gallons per day and now a mechanical wastewater treatment plant is capable of a design average flow of 600,000 gallons per day.  The wastewater treatment facility components include a headworks structure with mechanical bar screen and grit collector. This is followed by two trains of aeration basins, clarifiers, and sludge holding/digester basins.  The plant also has UV disinfection and effluent re-aeration basins to treat the final effluent prior to discharge.  The design also utilized the existing aerated lagoon to operate as an equalization basin, for wet weather flow events.

Bio-solids are managed at the plant with a digester and belt press for dewatering prior to disposal.  The entire wastewater facility system operation is controlled and monitored with a SCADA (Supervisory Controls And Data Acquisitions) system.

LaboratoryDownstrean from the Ashland WWTF - Copy

Alliance Water Resources
Alliance is headquarters in Columbia, Missouri. Alliance Water Resources is a leading provider of professional water and wastewater operations and management services throughout the Midwest and Southeast. For more information on AWR


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