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Over the last few Board of Aldermen meetings staff has tested the capabilities and limitations of our City Hall security system in an effort to leverage the existing technology to record our business meetings. While our security system is not designed to be used as standalone video recording equipment, our staff has successfully found a way to capture both audio and video streams in the Board chambers and combine the streams into a consolidated video file. These meetings have been uploaded onto a YouTube page so the public has access to meetings if they are unable to attend in person or would like to view older meetings. 

Future staff efforts include continuing to test equipment capabilities and limitations to see if the feeds can be livestreamed during the meetings as opposed to having to edit and create a video file after meetings. Not only will this allow the public to watch meetings in real-time, but this should also simplify the video editing process for staff and make the process easier for current and future staff to maintain. 

By leveraging existing equipment, the City was able to deliver video recordings of meetings at no added cost to the City or taxpayers while also delivering content with higher quality than would be expected through using other available means such as live-streaming from a cellphone. Long-term goals would be to acquire and install dedicated equipment for live-streaming purposes that are better tailored to the task and segregated from our building security systems. 

You can find these video on YouTube our linked on our Board of Aldermen meeting agendas and minutes page.

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